I am a Millennial, and though some self-proclaimed intellectual says that there is no real difference between different generations, I can assure you that there is. One thing I can definitely say is different is our taste in music, while the people of my generation listen to modern, albeit alright music, some if not most of them are actually pretty crappy in my opinion. The songs talk about problems that doesn’t really need to be problems, crazy things they justify is bad, and while every generation will look at the next generation’s music as “not music” I can pretty much say that this time a lot of the things we call music today is definitely just noise.

I am a fan of the music of the previous generation, a big fan of Shirley Bassey, and I can tell you that the care and emotion put into the music they made are something that truly has soul in it. Shirley Bassey’s songs always relaxes me, and I now understand why, after reading a few things about her I discovered that Dame Shirley Bassey used to live in a more modest home, and she sang to relax herself whenever she felt uncomfortable. I believe that she developed a way of singing that not only relaxes her but relaxes the listeners who needs it the most. It sound a bit silly and magical but with the people I talk to, they feel the same thing I do when listening to Shirley’s songs, of course unless if it’s something exciting or something you can dance to. eternally-beautiful

With her recent return to the stage, I would like to be able to go and listen to her in person, as I have only ever seen her on stage in videos.