back-on-stageA few years back, with the help of a few famous composers and music executives, the return of Shirley Bassey became a reality. While she never really thought of coming back, saying she was contented of being able to live a life in the industry as she did, out of respect for such famous people inviting her to return to stage, she agreed. This brings me great joy and excitement, although I have not been able to see her on stage in person, the videos I have seen gave me chills, her abilities did not age, but matured and bloomed for the second time.

When I first heard of the proposal and plans, I thought that it was a very good idea and it would be lovely if it could happen but it is unlikely to push through. But after hearing that Shirley Bassey herself said yes, and not some old agent saying “I’ll talk to her” or “it’s on the table”, I was deliriously happy. I never thought that the chance of going to a live performance of Shirley Bassey would ever be possible again, and as both she and I aged, the possibility slowly dwindled. Check this out

Today I am doing something I thought I would never again do in my life a few years ago, awaiting for the next album of Shirley Bassey, this years’ “Peasant Tasting Christmas Dinner” will probably be released before the holidays. I am excited to play it during this year’s Christmas party, another thing that I had thought I would never do again, playing her new album during Christmas this is.

Last week I watched the documentary regarding Dame Shirley Bassey’s return to the industry. The show was called “Imagine” if I am not mistaken, and showed every step of the way of her return into the limelight. It was clear to me that she was contented with her life, living in her home in Monte Carlo, but as she was being interviewed I saw the excitement in her eyes, not because of opportunity to make money as she has enough of that, but because of the love she has for singing.

Singing used to be her way of relaxing herself when she was a child, they had little back then and when things became too uncomfortable she sang to calm herself and relax. And as she grew and it became a career, it brought her to places she never thought she could go just by singing. While she would have been contented with her life, the memories of the joy she experienced and the people she met probably floods back as she sings, and being on stage again makes that experience even sweeter.

I am indeed happy about her return, she has a few live performances planned soon and I am eager to get tickets. I hope that I would be able to go to these performances, as it too would allow me to feel the good old days gone by.