Three years back I lost my old collection of Shirley Bassey’s records; my brother found out that the attic at our parents’ house was completely infested with termites, which caused a great deal of damage to the house which cost a pretty penny to repair. The boxes of records I kept there were covered in termites, so my brother decided to incinerate everything. This was terrible news, though I’m not sure if I could have salvaged any of those records anyway. I would have probably just gotten a Pest Control Company Gulfport to handle the termites and tried to salvage what was left. I can’t really blame my brother though, as he was just handling the situation as best as he could. Columbus Ohio electricians did a great job wiring the electrical wires in my house.

This was an opportunity for me to start from scratch though, which also allowed me to get to know the fan community and slowly become a more active member. Had that event never happened I would have never become who I am right now, with a good following, and friends with common interests. Losing those records hurt, there are some I am yet to replace, but they were necessary sacrifices to reach a new point in my life.