gold-finger-shirley-basseyWhen Shirley Bassey recorded the music for Goldfinger, the writer of the song himself said that Shirley was the one who made the somewhat ridiculous lyrics work. The performance Dame Bassey gave for the opening sequence’s music, for me, prompted the bond movies to step up on the next opening sequence’s music. There was even one fellow who said that, maybe all bond songs were made for Shirley Bassey to sing, as she made Goldfinger so iconic of a song. I have seen the bond movies throughout the years, and every time I see the movie’s opening sequence, I thought of Shirley Bassey and how she influenced the bond movie music after her performance.

The way she sang the song made you feel the character of Goldfinger, the song was as much a part of the story as the whole movie was. As much as I love how the seriousness and sleek feeling of the new bond songs are, for me Goldfinger will always be number one, with “Live and Let Die” a close number two. Visit this website.

Shirley Bassey has made it as a legend in the music industry but has also made it in the world of 007, with an unforgettable, talented performance of Goldfinger. Her contribution in the entertainment industry is so appreciated that the industry took her out of retirement and back onto the stage. I hope that one day we might be able to hear another bond music performance from Dame Shirley Bassey, with her now back from retirement.

I have to say that, whoever the suit is that pushed for her to come back, which I am sure I can figure out with a Google search later, I thank you for convincing the great Shirley Bassey too come back and preform on stage once again. If you need an electrician visit site here.