My mom is a solid Dame Shirley Bassey’s fan and she passed on the love for Shirley’s music to me. Thanks to my mom, I have memorized her album and I can even lip sync to “Diamonds are forever” flawlessly.  There is really nothing to not like about her. Her voice is sultry and she is very classy. There is definitely none like her! These new singers should learn from her grace and class.

Anyway, it is the milestone 80th birthday of our dear Dame Shirley. My mom wanted to have a throwback and dig into her treasure trove of Shirley Bassey’s memorabilia such as, magazine cutouts, button pins and what-nots. You name it, my mom probably has it in her collection.

Now, imagine her horror when she opened her treasure chest where she kept her precious Shirley Bassey stuff only to find out that her priceless knick-knacks were riddled with termites!

Termite Tracks
Termite Tracks

We kept the chest in the basement with some of our old furniture that could not fit in our attic. A little inspection on the wall showed termite marks. Now, the horror is real! Our house is being attacked by termites! I have no idea whether our house was recently checked for pests but seeing the pesky termites call for immediate action. Go to this website

My mom knows a guy who works for a pest control company here in Fresco CA but he was out of town that day. My mom is already freaking out so I had to google pest control Fresno CA fast. It was not hard to find the closest to our place because there are plenty to choose from.

My mom was happy that our pest problem has been solved. Or, so I thought. I found her sulking in her bedroom trying to salvage what’s left of her Shirley Bassey collectibles. Sadly, the damage was irreversible. Magazine clippings, gone. Souvenir items, gone.  I wish I could restore them but I have realized that even if I found copies of it on the internet, I could never replace the feeling of joy from collecting them through the years. It is indeed priceless.

The only thing I could do is to buy my mom this home décor item I saw on eBay with Shirley Bassey’s picture on it. I could only hope it makes her smile. It’s the thought that counts, right?

This is truly a lesson learned the hard way. Never ever neglect the upkeep of your house. There are a lot of pest control services here in Fresno CA so there is no reason to hoard termites in the basement. We are lucky that the termites did not cause a significant damage to our house. We also added pest control for roaches, ants and rodents to ensure that those pesky little critters won’t bother us again.

And as for Dame Shirley Bassey, Happy 80th! My mom and I will rebuild our memorabilia of you. We love you dearly and your music will forever bring a smile in our hearts. Cheers!