From the content on the format and design, a company blog should effectively portray your product idea while maintaining readers continuously interested and dedicated. In case your blog content or maybe style is stagnant and not an exact portrayal of your brand image, it is time to think of a significant makeover.

When there’s a disconnect between your communication and even what you’re portraying, you run the danger of losing your specific key influencers and audience.

A great way to enhance your site and brand’s influence is to select great photos that are aligned to your site’s message. Take a long glance and explore through this stock photography list to get a bigger picture!

Design or Theme

In case you have had the identical blog theme for annually or two today, it is time to upgrade your look. When brainstorming the way you would like your brand new blog site design to look, think about the way your brand name story has changed or created over the past year or perhaps 2. Your organization might have drastically developed from what it used to be. Your blog plan must reflect this brand new picture and convey it accurately.

In case your present theme is simply too hard to customize, or maybe you want a skilled coder to do so, now hunt for a brand new blog theme. When you plan on blogging for decades to come, then it’d behoove you to think about purchasing a user-friendly and customizable high theme such as Prophoto or Thesis. The quantity of money and time it will save you in the end with one of those platforms is huge trust me.

These themes’ dashboards have user-friendly functions that allow you to personalize your blog’s colors, layout, design, along with fonts. You do not even need to be tech-savvy to use them. And, you are able to transform these factors when you would like a new look, without needing to continually switch your blog to a brand new design or even get a coder.


Nothing is much worse than an overcrowded, outdated sidebar. Often times, bloggers continue adding things for their sidebar without deleting classic items. I call this particular sidebar hoarding. Weed it out, in case you have not done and so in a season. Often times, all the backlinks on your blogroll is inactive, or maybe they will not be consistent with your present blog purpose. Or perhaps, you may have an additional blogger’s widget on your sidebar, which does not seem sensible to have.

Always get into account the requirements of your blog market. Every component in your sidebar should be proactive and pertain to their interests or needs.


Your structure should be put in place in a manner that enhances your target audience’s online checking style. For instance, in case your audience is always on the go, you could possibly think about switching your layout from full-length posts to excerpts in magazine design. Or perhaps, in case you discover that there’s an impressive click-through price on your own sidebar, you may like to put in the 2nd sidebar to raise features for people to check out.

Though whatever your layout is like, it must always be simple to navigate and user-friendly. Actually, according to a recently available study by Eyetrack III, course-plotting attributes situated at the upper part of a web page get even more attention than in case they’re placed anywhere else on the web page.

With appropriate, simple navigation, you lower your odds of having guests leave because of stress. Make your navigation bar as user-friendly and obvious as easy to make sure that blog guests are able to discover what they are searching for easily and quickly.

Content or Blog Copy

Check out your blog post subjects for the previous month. Can they all sound similar? How about the month before? Today, examine your blog readership. Has it decreased or even remained the same? In case so, it is some time to freshen up your content and begin increasing awareness about some other subjects of fascination pertaining to your blog goal.

A fantastic strategy to avoid repeating post subjects is creating a blog editorial calendar that outlines articles because of the month. This causes it to be simpler for you to evaluate subjects from month to month and evaluate your target audience’s curiosity in certain topics.