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Have you been interested in picking a vanity telephone number for your business?

Later or sooner, in case you are a mid to large-size company, you will have to face the problem of picking out a toll-free number. This’s a choice you will need to live with for a while now, therefore it is crucial you create the best one. You can read on the FAQs for getting a vanity phone number by visiting

That said, here are 5 suggestions for choosing an 800 vanity quantity.

  1. Number Word Hybrid

This’s completely most significant mistake small business owners make. 1-800-493-TINT is not near as beneficial as 1-800-TINTING. People could recall terms, not numbers. A hybrid phone number quickly gets 1-800-something-something-something TINT to the potential buyer. A hybrid might help you save a couple of bucks, but as time moves by, you will consume a lot of money on marketing and marketing‚Ķ not counting the thousands unclaimed from the business opportunities which have never occurred.


BAD: 1-800-493-TINT

  1. 800 & 888 vs. 877 & 866

Whenever you can, continuously attempt to create yourself with an 800 vanity title number. It’s by far what most folks are used to. When that’s impossible, 888 is the following best option. Although it is not as effective as 800, it is still better than 877 as well as 866. Never make use of 877 unless as a last resort since you might shed several of your cell phone calls to misdialed amounts as the general public is not yet acquainted with 877 being a toll-free prefix. Do not ever use 866 since you might lose almost as one-third of your calls.



  1. Vanity Name Choice

Choose a telephone number that possibly spells out your business (e.g. 1-800-ROOFCARE, 1-800-EYESIGHT, 1-800-INSURANCE) or perhaps describes/strengthens the advertising info you’re trying to express (e.g. Fabulous High Heel Shoes 1-800-FABULOUS). Do not spell out your company name unless you’re sure everybody knows it. Stewart’s Roofing is drastically better off with 1-800-ROOF CARE than 1-800-STEWART, that may represent almost anything.

  1. Spelling

The amount should be easy to spell. Do not use “Z” or maybe “q” as they’ve only just lately been put into modern day telephone keypads.



  1. Marketing and Branding

Do not be limited where you use your toll-free number. Allow it to be the front door to the business for everything one does the general public has contact with. Selective use for only radio commercials, for example, won’t ever get you the very best success overall. There’s a goal just why anything FedEx does features the 1-800-Go FedEx telephone number on it. Exact same applies to UPS with 1-800-PICK UPS, they understand what great gain it’s to them.

By just staying away from these 5 mistakes, you’ll be heading down the road to exceptional marketing and marketing execution.