A Basic Approach On How In order to Pack Seafood In Foam Coolers 

Below, we discuss a good approach to take about packaging seafood, so it stays fresh whether you are simply coming in from a good fishing trip or just purchasing a handful of pounds of fish, clams, crabs, shrimp, or any other tasty seafood from a marketplace. When you want a means to ensure that it stays fresh during much drive or maybe some other reason you cannot refrigerate it instantly, using a top quality foam cooler will get the task done correctly. 

Today, let’s review a couple of supplies you are likely to need. 

Higher Quality Foam Cooler 

You will wish to make certain that the foam cooler you make use of is no less than 3/4 inch thick and “fully fused”, which means it was not rushed through the production process. This guarantees the pot has improved leak resistance. 

Puncture Resistant Plastic Bags 

Then, get several clear plastic bags big enough to effortlessly keep your seafood cargo. The bags have to be no less than two millimeters thick for improved puncture resistance. 

Freshly Caught Or perhaps Bought Seafood. 

Naturally, you will want to ensure the seafood you catch or maybe buy is all set to be loaded up and that it’s been shielded from exposure to stay fresh. 

Zip Ties Or perhaps Other Tying Supplies 

Have a number of zip ties and other tying resources on hand to be able to secure each plastic bag, therefore, you’ll find absolutely no leaks or spills. 

Gel Pack Refrigerants 

Using gel packs are going to allow you to run less ice, helping reduce the entire weight once everything continues to be loaded in the cooler. You will need plenty of gel packs to put on the sides plus top of your bagged seafood package. 

Container of Ice 

A regular bag of ice must be enough to use in a little to medium sized foam cooler. The ice shouldn’t be subjected to high heat which may result in it to begin melting before it is utilized in the cooler. Ice that’s today melting when positioned in the cooler does much more damage than good to your seafood. 

Step 1 – Place Seafood Into Protective Plastic Bag.

Step 2 – Remove excess air out of the arrangement and rotate the roof of the bag in planning for tying. 

Step 3 – Fold the tied end and tie it to secure the deal. 

Step 4 – Repeat the procedure of bagging, folding, twisting, along with tying so that your seafood is double bagged or even triple bagged in case you want. 

Step 5 – Add your ice on the foam cooler itself. There probably will be plenty of ice to coat the bottom part of the cooler with the seafood deal to rest on, although not much you can’t close the lid securely after all things have been loaded. 

Step 6 – Place your seafood bundle, so it’s sitting on the ice. 

Step 7 – Surround the seafood with gel packs and put a minimum of one gel pack with the top. 

Step 8 – Secure the foam cooler lid properly so that heated air doesn’t result in ice to melt too early. 

With a properly packed and also protected foam cooler, your seafood catch or maybe purchase must remain fresh for no less than twenty-four hours. 

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